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Frost on the Horizon?

Residents of Sevierville, Gatlinburg and the surrounding areas should beware of the frost advisory currently in effect, particularly with regard to outdoor plants. As the cold weather sets in, it's important to take the necessary precautions to protect our greenery from harm. Whether it's covering plants with sheets or blankets, or moving them indoors, each step we take to protect our precious foliage will go a long way in keeping them healthy and thriving. While our Tennessee winters can be unpredictable, there's no harm in being proactive and giving our plants the best chance possible to survive the coming cold snap. So bundle up, grab your gardening gloves, and get ready to take on the elements!

For more information, go to the National Weather Service or click this link to take you directly to the frost advisory.

- The Cupid's Petals Team

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